A Second Chance

  • Adult Contemporary

  • RELEASE DATE: December 15, 2023
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Please be aware this story contains content that might be troubling to some readers. Difficult topics are discussed in this story including mental health. Mature content, adult language, and disturbing matters that may trigger an emotional response.


    Tragedy tore us apart.

    My entire world changed in an instant.
    The biggest betrayal led my brother to his death, shattering my soul in the process.
    He was my lifeline, the light to my darkness, and my best friend.
    I don’t think I can survive without him until Maverick walks back into my life.
    Maverick abandoned me when I needed him the most. He chose my sister over me.
    Can I trust him to keep my heart beating, or will he destroy it for the last time?

    Tragedy brought us back together.

    My best friend is gone.
    The same day I lost Scarlett.
    My Tinkerbelle. My best friend’s little sister.
    The girl I ever loved became the girl I could never have.
    Our age difference kept us in the friend zone, but she’s all grown up now.
    I’ve waited long enough to make her mine.
    She needs me now more than ever.
    I just need to convince my Tinkerbelle I will never fail her again.


    • Small town romance
    • Brother’s best friend
    • Age gap
    • Small town boy to Hollywood Actor
    • Single mother
    • Tragedy
    • Wicked half-sister