Always and Forever Mine

  • Young Adult

  • RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2024
    CONTENT WARNINGS: While reading the continuation of Donovan and Sadie’s story, be aware that this story contains content that might be troubling to some readers. Difficult topics are discussed in this story, including mental health, kindapping, violence, crazy ass stalker, and death. Mature content, adult language, and disturbing matters that may trigger an emotional response.

    Accepting her photography school acceptance catapulted Sadie Ramirez into the life she’s always wanted and deserved. With her friends and family following her to Tennessee, she’s ready to soar in her career and motherhood.

    Baseball star Donovan DuPont is striking out in every aspect of his life. Struggling with the runaway train of his life, Donovan is buried with college and the fears of his upcoming title of “father.”

    But when someone sets their sights on Donovan, peril looms. This stalker has vicious plans. Suddenly, Sadie’s success and well-being are threatened. Now, it’s up to Donovan to eliminate the stalker and save Sadie from danger. Will he finally be able to give her the ALWAYS & FOREVER he promised?

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