I Saved Him Too

  • Young Adult

  • RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2023
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Please be aware that this story contains content that might be troubling to some readers. Difficult topics are discussed in this story. Mature content, adult language, and disturbing matters may trigger an emotional response.

    The ties of the family are torn and tattered.
    Sadie Ramirez just wants to get on with her life, leaving her demons in the past. With her mother still recovering, she’s bound by ties that refuse to let her ever feel fully free. But when tragedy strikes yet again, her world threatens her even more.

    The pain of the past is colliding with the fear of the future…
    Finally, on track, Donovan DuPont is achieving his dreams and getting ahead. With Sadie next to him, he knows he can truly have it all. Her safety and well-being remain his top priority. But when a wrench is thrown into their plans, Donovan must navigate a new path in life.

    Can these two broken souls find a future together or will someone destroy their relationship for once and all?

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