I Survived and will rise again

  • Young Adult

  • RELEASE DATE: April 10, 2024
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Please be aware this story contains content that might be troubling to some readers. Mature content, adult language, sexual graphic content, and disturbing matters may trigger an emotional response.

    Sadie Ramirez has been longing for happiness and inner peace for a long time. When she finally starts to see a glimmer of hope in her future, she discovers a shocking truth that turns her life upside down. Sadie’s brother, who she thought was dead, is actually still alive. This unexpected revelation sends Sadie on an emotional rollercoaster.

    As she focuses on her family and builds a stronger bond with her brothers, Sadie struggles with a difficult decision. Should she stay with her family and crew or move to be with the man she loves?

    Please note there are multiple POVs presented throughout the story.

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